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Is Wilson County Schools and its attorney Rachel B. Hitch bullies or not? 

April 26, 2016

Are they bullies as well as its LawFirm Schwartz&Shaw PLLC attorney Rachel B. Hitch the same attorney this October8, 2015 letter from Wilson County Schools to the same Dorothy Cook the same attorney Rachel Hitch who in her 2/18/13 dated letter to then Prose Rep, Parent Dorothy Cook on WCS behalf states to Dorothy Cook and WCS whom it is cc: to and is the same attorney WCS cc: their October 8, 2015 dated letter to cc: Rachel B. Hitch” Signed by WCS Director of Exceptional Children Wilson County Schools. Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter Re: Contact with School System Employees and Presence on School Property” Dear Ms. Cook:

  As you are very aware, I represented the Wilson County Schools. This letter is intended to provide you notice that you are no longer to communicate with school system employees or set foot on the campus or property of the Wilson County Schools for any purpose whatsoever.

  Due to the harassing nature of your communications with school system employees, and your propensity to file unfounded complaints against school system employees, you are not to contact any school system employees or be present on the Wilson County Schools’ property. All communications regarding your pending due process petition, or otherwise involving any of your children, will be directed to, and received from, myself as the attorney for the Wilson County Schools. If you contact school system employees, they will not respond. If you disregard this letter and are present on school system property , you will be subject to criminal prosecution under the North Carolina criminal trespass laws (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ch. 14, Art.22B).

   There are no circumstances under which school officials should have to fear baseless allegations or for their own safety, particularly from a parent with no children in the school system, while they are trying to go about their normal duties. There are significant potential consequences if you fail to regard this notice with the seriousness with which it is intended. 

  The school system regrets that this is necessary but adamantly beleives it to be so, based on your conduct.


Page 2 of 2/18/13 dated letter: 

Ms. Dorothy Cook

February 18, 2013

Page 2 


              Very truly yours,

             Rachel B. Hitch 




cc:  Sean Bulson, Superintendent



The October 8,2015″dated letter is in direct violation of the same attorney Rachel B. Hitch 2/18/13 and Wilson County Schools employee Tomeshia S.  Barnes and her attorney Rachel B. Hitch did harass and bully Dorothy Cook as per WCS attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter Contact with School System Employees and Presence on School Property ” Dorothy Cook responded only to WCS attorney Rachel B.Hitch. is this not bullying , harassing and intimidating or not as they make it appear that the Parent Dorothy Cook is accountable for the noeducation when its WCS itself.


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