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Are they bullies or not when cant find wrong in the student or parent the Public Schools employee lies and slanders maliciously the student an familyname.

May 2, 2016

The allegation of neglect was made by the Public Schools after filing the false Truancy charge against the Parent added this is stated during IEPMeeting at the school which the Nash County DSS CPS SW attended and was also the same SW Nash Rocky Mount Schools attorney W Lamar Sr. asked her to do favor by being present in the court room for the Truancy Charge case he was personally Prosecutor for against the Parent not the District Attorney so that when the judge saw DSsCPS in the court room they will have weight in the judges decision and as such when the parent is found guilty and sentenced to jail time the judge could remove the custody of her children from the parent to the State immediately that day with no delays.. The SW Nash County DSS Attorneys appeared in court favor was granted.The Public Sxhools during the meeting employees to bully and destroy the Parent and the student the IEP Meeting was for character did lie and maliciously slander the parent and student documenting it for the record of the allegation made by the Public School of Neglect by the Parent which included the student also and her siblings by stating false here say so it is documented as said ” One of the staff members at the meeting states that she has heard that the boys at the alternative school that Dorothy is attending (WLGreen) state that she is pregnant and selling it or giving it away on the street and that she is involved in some gang activity. And the Nash DSS CPS SW initialed it. As it was used as evidence for the Public Sxhools that the Parent was neglectful in the xaring for her child. But the statements were proven wrong as the student had never been pregnant nor was she pregnant at the time the statements were made. She was not selling nor giving her vagina away to any one and neither did the NRMS produce the names of those they said , said any such things about the student. They used the alternative school placement as a negative but Parent had documentation that Alternative School Placement was made at the request of the Public School the student attended for her to be placed in her proper grade after a few Semesters and then return back to Public School the student was being bullied in Public School setting and the Public School was not helping so why not get her of that setting for education and safety purposes. They are bullies with connections in high places that meet together after all the lies and malisious slandered is allowed to be entered in an documented as record of not only Public Schools EC Record for the Child but Record for the Nash County DSSCPS investigation which was started because of allegations made by the Public Schools against the Parent. Are they bullies or not that know how to work the system of government they are part of or not?


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