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There are those things that never get answered when Ask straight up so this time I am asking side ways Rachel Hitch please answer?

May 2, 2016

Thank you ,Was told the only wayctobwin against WCS an D their law firm attorneys was to be more dirtier than them as such I refuse to go after attorney Ràçhel Hitçh daughters as she has done mine nor any of the dirt they  may have around their own back doors  because that is not God way but man. I know that God is able and the only dirt I plan to be accountable for is my own dirt which God already knows . I choose the dirt created byvmy own walking.. Vgod knows the truth and I choose God and not being ashamed ofvmy dirt but simply say even in the cleanest of the cleanest dirty situations God knows the dirt  and God dirt work in ways man can’t  comprehend how. Just to say no matter how high or untouchable you are per the full knowledge of God you have dirt to may be different from others but didrt just the same. When God  reveals the dirt no man can cover it up because God is not for rent for sale and He has already given His only begotten Son Jesus and Jesus gave His life for all of us the blood of Jesus restored, redeemed back to God now that’s dirt covered. Vengeance is the Lord not mine Lord God you work the dirt God style.


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