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I , Dorothy Cook do state that Rachel Hitch , attorney violated Rule 3.4 Fairness to opposing party and counsel being prose rep Dorothy Cook

May 3, 2016

NC State Bar per Grievance agaiand activate </@@¹11st Attorney Rachel B. Hitch file No. 16G0451 as there was no form for myself Dorothy Cook to explain anything on in my 4/20/16 5 Hand written pages of resolve a but did request because I still am not able to resubmit evidence that I submitted for the complaint against Ra he’ll Hitch in 2015 which the NC State Bar chose not to activate. As I did request that this topic page be used as an avenue for evidence to be presented as such it was excepted per your 4/27/16 dated letter the complaint was activated and you do not state that any means of resolve that I offered was de lined. Therefore I Dorothy Cook per your , NC State Bar 4/27/16 dated letter to .myself am posting that attorney Rachel B. Hitch violated Rule3.4 fairness to opposing party and deprivex, which is myself Prose Rep Dorothy Cook for and during NC OAH Special Education  Contested Court case 13-EDC-07545 original filling. Which attorney Rachel Hitch violation of Rule 3.4  Fairness to opposing party and counsel per attorney Rachel Hitch February 18,2013 dated letter Re: Contact with School System Employees and Presence on School Property sent by attorney Rachel Hitch and received by myself then Prose Rep Dorothy Cook during said court case which attorney Rachel Hitch imposed san actions and communicated threats of criminal prosecution that continued after the court case ended. Which attorney Rachel Hitch had no authority to impose any sanctions upon her opposing court case party being myself then Prose Rep Dorothy Cook. The same said letter has denied and deprived myself of my Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech and my NC Public School age children  with disability their right to access and opportunity to enroll and attend the Wilson County Public Schools for years now and continuing and so much more which the documentation of evidence presented by email 2015 and continual posting on this page as stated in my 4/20/16 5 page letter of documents to you the NC State Bar which you 4/27/16 dated letter is response to.







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