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Schwartz&Shaw P.L.L.C. LawFirm, including Rachel Hitch and Wilson County Schools,NC Y did U send WCS employees to my home and entrap me D. Cook 10/22/15

May 3, 2016

There was a knock at my door the morning of October22,2015 my daughter answered the door she stated that it was ladies at the door who wanted me. The last thing I ever expected was Wilson County Schools employees would come to my home knowing their law firm attorney had restricted, prohibited, sanctioned me during NC OAH Special Education Contested Court case 13-EDC-07545 that I filed Prose on my daughter Megan Cook behalf in her 2/1813 dated letter which Wilson County Schools employee Mrs. Yates is reading in the picture above that I gave to her so she/they would know not my word but. For the record on my part why I could  not communicate with though I had done so because they did not say they were Wilson County Schools employees when they told my daughter they was there to speak with me and I acknowledged them spoke to them welcoming them into my dwelling by communicating with them. After I did find out they were Wilson County Schools employees I did state to them that I could not communicate with them per their attorney so why would. They come to my home and mislead me into communicating with them violating their attorney letter? That is when I asked them to leave and then realized I needed them to sign they had cane to my home communicated with me and I did not know they was WCS employees and i communicated with them also for that reason not intentionally. Mrs Yates said she would and turned around to do so and the other WSC employee in the picture stated no they was not signing anything. It was then Mrs. Yates was speaking to me and I did her because she was talking about my daughter Megan not being in school and asking me about the recent letter from WSC which gave me notice of my daughter being absent from school and giving me Truancy violation notice. At this time I was still in my dwelling and Mrs Yates was on my porch, and the other WCS employee on the steps. After it was made to appear I was the one that was keeping Megan from being enrolled and attend WCS and Mrs Yates asked about Megan being home schooled and I told her that I had not home schooled Megan in years now because of what WCS employees did to me during the NC OAH Court case Resolution Meeting and its results and I gave her a copy of their attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter Mrs Yates Is reading it in the picture above. I them showed her some of the court case documents also. I then stated that I had made numerous request through out the years to Rachel Hitch for enrollment and attendance instructions per her 2/18/13 dated letter to me because I had back in 2013 been told by NC OAH judge F. Morrison that NC OAH could not guarantee me that I would not be criminally prosecuted for trespassing if I went on the WCS property to enroll my daughter in the Wilson County Schools per WCS attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter content. Not the exact words but mean the same. i have not violated WCS attorney Rachel Hitch letter by going onto WCS property or campus for any reason whatsoever because I am not going to jail and no other parent or child has to and I have not per the same 2/18/13 harassed by the nature of my communications any WCS employees which Rachel Hitch allege I have for years now asked Rachel Hitch for the names of any WCS employees that state I have done any such thing to them as I continue to state my innocence but not one name has been provided as of yet. Writing this is stressful as the end was Mrs Yates said for my daughters education she  would get Rachel Hitch to put a letter in writing saying her 2/18/13 dated letter is no longer valid. The other WCS employee with her stated Rachel Hitch didn’t send her but her boss Tomeisha Barnes did and she stated she had read my letters requiring enrollment and attendance instructions per Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter and it has not been provided. So she knew  i was restricted from communicating with her before she came to my dwelling an entrapped me into communicating with her as she asked me if I had got the recent letters from WCS giving notice of by daughter Megan being absent from school and I told her I asked some else to sign for theM and it was read to me because they came from WCS and she had the letters with her and I told her they were read to me an they were from Tomeisha Barnes WCS EC Director but I responded to Rachel Hitch and they were cc: to Rachel Hitch so she had full knowledge and Mrs. Yates saw Rachel Hitch name on the current letters that the other WCS employee with her had. I am waiting for the letter from Schwartz&Shaw LawFirm attorney Rachel B. Hitch renouncing all her sanctions, restrictions, prohibitions that she as the attorney for Wilson County Schools  imposed upon myself at that time Prose Rep and her opposing party, Dorothy Cook for and during NC OAH special education contested court case 13-EDC-07545 and changed to the bias favor of WCS to 13-EDC-07547 without proper NC OAH procedure being followed . This is only a portion buy I do say I would have never communicated with WCS if I had not been deceived by not knowing they were WCS employees from the start and Rachel Hitch I only violated your 2/1813 dated letter because I was entrapped by WCS employees being sent and coming to my dwelling but I not knowing at first they were WSC employees, why was such a deceitful thing done? Please stop and provide the written letter renouncing your 2/18/13 dated letter in its entirety. As I have always said education matters and years with no education at al because of your 2/18/13 dated letter has and continue to kill my school age special needs children even to the point of now coming to my dwelling to entrap me by government agency  Wilson County Schools. Stop the violence and ALL that is destroying us while you and your connections laugh! But thanks be to God for being God and our Father God!

Attorney Rachel Hitch violate Rule 3.4 Fairness to opposing party and counsel. She violated her own 2/18/13 dated letter 


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