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The requests for continuance is said by the same NC OAH Judge Elkins assistant Anita Wright that Rachel Hitch state that her opposing counsel requested change in time that did not occur.

May 4, 2016

Per Judge Elkins assistant Anita Wright do herself instruct in the email that for request of continuances of court case to contact the two NC OAH Judges she is the assistant for including Judge Elkins. Making Attorney Rachel Hitch contact to Anita Wright on her opposing Prose Rep Dorothy Cook stating per an email Rachel Hitch received from Prose Rep Dorothy Cook 2/16/13 that the Prose Rep requested a change in time of their 2/18/13 dated NC OAH court case required procedure from 9 00 am to 10;00 am which did not take place but was allowed, without the Price Rep knowledge. This is a clear violation of Rule 3.4 Fairness to opposing party and counsel’ as it would have been fair if the Prose Rep Dorothy Cook herself had known of the action done by her opposing attorney Rachel Hitch on her behalf as it was false information and it Prose Rep Dorothy Cook needed a change in time of the court procedure she would have made a written motion for continuance sitting time change and giving reasons why needed to the presiding court case Judge Elkins as the Judge only has the authority to grant or deny court case continuance. Rachel Hitch usurp authority in a jurisdiction of the NC OAH Law and procedures she as an attorney do not have as well as not allowing her opposing  prose counsel fairness for and during and continuing for years now after the closing of NC OAH SEC Court Case 13-EDC-07545 original file Docket No.



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