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Attorney Rachel Hitch made allegations in her 2/18/13 dated letter to and about her opposing prose counsel D. Cook but never presented evidence nor filed criminal charge over 3 yes ago

May 5, 2016

Attorney Rachel Hitch during NC OAH SEC Court casreceC-07545 imposed cruel and unusual unjust punishment by imposed sactions by Attorney Rachel Hitch upon her opposing Prose Counsel Dorothy Cook per the content of Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated 2 pages letter Re: Contact with school system employees and presence on school property. As attorney Rachel Hitch was not the presiding assigned NC OAH Judge she had no jurisdiction to impose any sanction upon Prose Rep Dorothy Cook but there is several occasions Attorney Rachel Hitch has enforced her sanctions imposed upon Prose Rep Dorothy Cook as well as utilized her partner of the Law Firm Schwartz Shaw PLLC attorney to enforce said sanctions upon Prose Rep,Parent Dorothy Cook.There has been enforcement permission to go to medical appointment  In which Dorothy Cook was granted permission to seek medical assistance per WCS Attorney Rachel Hitch March 2015 dated letter which it is state that if Dorothy Cook went to her medical doctor and she communicated with any Wilson CountyS hools employees there will be no repaccusions for the communications. This is violation of Rule of Professional Conduct. NC State Bar. Rule 3.4 Fairness to opposing party and counsel” but not just limited to said Rule NC State Bar please I apply all such Rules that apply also



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