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Erin Stewart: Is your child a bully or a victim?

May 6, 2016

Don’t ignore the warning signs that your child is being bullied or is bullying others.   GOD KNOWS and HE CARES


The are things in life that is shameful to say and is why the North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearing Judges and how they allow their Prose Rep to be so disrespected, acts of violence and so much more  by opposing court case attorneys and clients go un addressed now the for sure reason I don’t allege because they know I ask you to ask them why and the reason will come directly from their communications to you added I have been unjustly prohibited from any communications for any purpose whatsoever with Wilson County Schools employees after the Wilson County Schools employees that Assaulted and held me in the room the NC OAH Court Procedure , Resolution Meeting was scheduled by Attorney Rachel B. Hitch at being in the Wilson County Public Schools Administration Building which did accure. There are documents with exact wording as there was a complaint filed with the Wilson County Schools Board and police report finally allowed to be filed 2/20/13 which is the same date that Attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter envelope is stamped as mailed on. This was done to prevent her clients Wilson County Schools employees from being questioned and held accountable for their criminal at best actions done by them to Prose Rep Dorothy Cook during NC OAHCourt case required procedure. as Prose Rep needs direct contact with Wilson County Schools employees for questioning and or cross examination of them during and for reason of the court case which Attorney Rachel Hitch in her 2/18/13 dated letter states ” All communications regarding your pending due process petition, or otherwise involving any of your children, will be directed to, and received from, myself as the attorney for the Wilson County Schools. If you contact school system employees , they will not respond. “. Attorney Rachel B. Hitch per her 2/18/13 dated letter sent to Prose Rep Dorothy Cook during NC OAH SEC Court Case 13-EDC07545 and received by Prose Rep Dorothy Cook received same letter during the same said court case. As the Court is not filed against Attorney Rachel Hitch but against Wilson County Schools their Attorney Rachel Hitch being questioned and or cross examined about the actions of her clients the Wilson County Schools about any and all actions criminal or not as stated in the Petition filed by Prose Rep, Parent Dorothy Cook on her daughter Megan Cook by Wilson County Schools employees would be hear say third party which as such Rachel B.Hitch did denied and deprive her opposing court case party of her Due Process Rights. There was no fairness as the presiding Judge Augustus Elkins allowed Super Lawyer Rachel Hitch and her clients Wilson County Schools employees  that did partake in the matter to do as the please making even beyond the court case by allowing Super Lawyer, Rachel Hitch to use authority that he only the presiding judge of the court case per NC OAH Rule Duties of OAH Judge has jurisdiction to do such as impose sanctions upon an opposing party doing and for a NC OAH as well as the imposed sanctions by Attorney, Rachel Hitch by doing so she violated NC OAH Rules of Procedure and it was not reported as to the proper authorities nor addressed by the NC OAH Court case presiding Judge Elkins nor was it reported to the proper authorities by Court case assigned North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Due Process Consultant Lynn Smith. As they can uphold Wilson County Schools and its LawFirm of Attorneys in their wrong but send only best wishes but no education for years now and continuing for the child they allowed their public school and its super lawyer to violate. State its not their problem but if you allowed it and did nothing to correct the wrong you know was done because you were part of it how then is it not your problem to? Megan Cook is a 13 year old child that you are abusing in ways that if her parent did the same as you continue to do she would have been removed out of the home and her parent arrested and serving time in jail but because its the NC Public Schools and its Super Lawyers with no laws on the books to determine grounds for criminal prosecution but God has no respect of person and he is not governed by the laws of man. The truth is you are doing what you are doing now but trust an know that God will and is doing battle on her and all others in like situation behalf. For Jesus said suffer not thy little children and let them come unto Him to His own disciples and think it not strange when not man but God reigns His vengeance in the manner He sees fit until just like He told Pharoah to let His people go but Pharoah refused to listen we ask God to reveal Himself even the more as we ask for forgiveness of any sin or inquity that will gender God from being free to do so on Megan Cook and all the other children all over the world behalf Lord God sweep thru the lies told and hidden secrets and make the truth known help the children Lord strengthen and encourage their hearts and minds meet them where they are and teach them even the more of you if they are not saved Lord God let not their souls be lost. Lord God we ask you to renew in them the right spirit continually put your loving arms around them and let them know they are somebody and more than a conquer of this light affliction thru and by Christ Jesus that strengthens them. Lord God send your earthly vessels to speak word of God in and over and through out their lives. Lord God for you know in full what we know in part. You knew them before they was conceived in their mothers womb their says were preordained yet and still when they were formed in their mothers womb Lord God we even pray that you have mercy on the people that are doing such things to the children forgive them Lord if they knew what they was doing they would not have done nor continue to do such things as they are. Lord God you know even the number of hairs on our heads you know mans heart and intent to ward the children you know when where who and why for you are omnipresent and you Lord God can do what man said can not be done in super natural divine intervention ways and we thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for you just being you and for everything from the least to the Jesus name Amen we decree. And declare the victory of the children is so 




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