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Our children really are facing a mental health crisis

May 6, 2016

Madeleine Bunting: It may not be due to excessive web use, as is claimed, but for too many youngsters the home has lost its role as a place of protection


There is no protection from the harm done by Public Schools, their Law Firms attorneys and their connections Government style. There are no laws on the book to even determine grounds for criminal prosecution by. Added the child that Parent can least afford it and the government legal help is not for their county or problem are those it appears are being abused and neglected by this same government. Public School education has the name free but in reality its not free at all and the price some pay and still are not allowed to be enrolled and attend the free public school is well above and beyond cruel and unusual punishment to child{ran}  and their families.Dead children by NO EDUCATION at ALL ! Public School style is low down and dirty way to take child{ran} out government style while they are yet alive. 


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