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The Effects Of Stress On Your Entire Body, As Told By This Unique Animation – Medical Daily

May 6, 2016

These are the reasons why you need to learn how to get your stress under control.


Stress Wilson County Public Schools,NC and its llLawFirm Schwartz&Shaw P.L.L.C. Attorney , Rachel Hitch and all tt did, has and continue to take place because of NC Office of Administrative Hearings Special Education Contested Court Case 13-EDC-07545 original Docket number. File Prose by Parent Dorothy Cook on her daughter Megan Cook behalf v. Wilson County Public Schools Board of Education an Attorney, Rachel Hitch was their Legal Attorney Rep. The stress because of this is more severe than imaginable because Attorney Rachel Hitch, Super Lawyer imposed sanctions that has destroyed and continue to destroy the lives of her court case opposing party Prose Rep Dorothy Cook and included any of her children also being sanctioned by Attorney , Rachel Hitch per her February 18,2013 dated letter ” Contact With School System Employees and Presence on School Property”. Which is signed by Attorney Rachel B. Hitch   RBH / jc.  cc: Sean Bulson, Superintendent ” . 


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