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NC Public Schools allow White Students to enroll and attend their schools while denying and depriving Black children the same. M.C. and D.C. examples! | Government Officials and crime , rarely con…

July 18, 2016


The numbers speaks for NC Public Schools itself. RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Wilson County Schools LawFirm SCHWARTZ & SHAW P.L.L.C. Super lawyer Rachel Hith 2/18/13 dated letter to African American then Prose Rep. Parent, Dorothy Cook during N. C. Office of Administrative Hearings Special Education Contested Court Case 13-EDC-07545 which was filed Prose by Dorothy Cook on her daughter Megan Cook behalf against the Wilson County Schools and Racial Hith was the Attorney for Wilson County Schools Board located in Wilson,NC for said case and Prose Rep Dorothy Cook opposing party. It’s sadder than ever when African American people are used also to discriminate against other African American people in the system of man Court it appears all colors of the flesh lines can by erased for the color of GREEN dollars that count in ways that make GREEN the color of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. The Green Dollar “Afluenza” has assured even the…

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