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In the Company of Far Too Many – Velvet Martin

July 27, 2016

Everywhere, each day a
‘Shauna McHarg’ and family grieve for their loved ones. Shauna McHarg is a woman who has been banned from visiting her elderly parents in nursing care.

Alienation is a rampant phenomenon in Canada. It frequently happens in the youngest sector where infants are plied from a mother’s breast because government has decided that being young, unmarried, impoverished, disabled, or victimized as an individual who was themselves raised by government is sufficient grounds for severing natural ties.

The people whom this has happened to know the degree of ugly tactics and inequity that can and does arise when tasked with challenging prejudice amongst a powerful group with unlimited time and funds.

Onlookers who glance headlines wonder at scathing news reports that arise from time to time, but are readily distracted, unaffected and move on… Until stricken too.

I once approached a family of a youth with Down Syndrome to offer a pamphlet on “Protecting Canadian Children.” The mother took note, swiftly handed the literature back and responded, “We don’t need this. That (apprehension) would never happen to us. Besides, my daughter is 18.” I sadly smiled and assured that she was mistaken. However, I can only be a messenger; I can lead and teach, but only amongst those ready to listen.

I suspect, in that mother’s case – as is true of a great deal of the public (myself once included) – the notion of government invading a family’s life conjures up a variety of misinformation: Surely, if the government is involved, there MUST be grounds. Shame, stigma and blame.

However, I believe there is also an element of fear: IF what I’m teaching is true, that means that calm, safe atmosphere lived in suddenly bursts. And, that truth is just too damn unbearable to accept; so those individuals prefer to pretend that they’ve not really glanced into monstrous territory.

Yes, yes that sweet 18-year-old girl that you’ve loved, nurtured and protected her entire life is up for grabs if and when the government decides and your love offers little recourse to preserve relations.

The dad who speaks for the rights of his child who is bullied in school. The mother who advocates for needed support services for a child with Autism. The mom who calls emergency services in fear for a 6-foot adult son with cognitive impairment who is threatening self-harm. The mom who departs a toxic relationship and takes refuge in a women’s shelter to keep the children from harm. The good daddy who finds himself suddenly alienated from his children due to manipulation upon dissolve of spousal relationship. The parent who requests second medical opinion. The youngster who momentarily escapes parents’s line of vision. The family whose neighbour has a personal vendetta – perhaps they are racist and frown upon Natives or Muslims or single parents – and utilize child protective services as a means of retaliation. The man who visits his elderly mom in nursing care, notices suspicious bruising and demands answers. They are all Shauna ‘McHarg’s.’

We are losing our babies, children, youth, loved ones with disability and our elders. There is no crime unless love can be considered one?

No one, not one single individual is free from potential targeting. I’ve had police officers seek direction having found themselves victims of alienation. Whistleblowers are readily beaten down; where solid politicians who take a stance are turfed. Where renown medical examiners alleging political interference amongst fatality reports are fired. Where 793 child victims with ties to government in one Province alone have perished and no investigation of their “serial-killer” results. Where media concocts skewed reports and untruths to maim character. Where duality in application of Policy and Law results in conviction for the ordinary citizen and blanket immunity for criminal behaviour committed by government employees. Where good people are blindsided. Betrayed by authorities they’ve been raised to depend upon, seek comfort in and justice from.

Yes, we are all ‘Shauna McHarg’. People directly affected with loved ones and others bearing witness to neighbours in a variety of sectors being victimized is becoming increasingly commonplace, difficult to ignore. I fear we are nearing uprise. When humans lose faith in the integrity of our governing system, historically, lost hope generates desperate response. ‘Shauna McHarg’ is in the company of far too many.


Velvet Martin

P.B. no matter where banned from have RIGHT’s to. But who informs the person banned of them and who is accountable for enforcing them equal and justly?


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