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Pinetops NC – So Has It Ever Been About Qualifications When It Comes to the D.A. Office?

July 27, 2016

Dancy Communications Network

It is sad there has never been a black District Attorney (D.A.) east of HWY 95.

The one thing that I have found consistent is that many times a white elected official will resign their post so that an appointment can be made. White elected officials understand that it is somewhat hard to unseat an incumbent whether that person is elected or appointed.

Look at certain elected offices and see how these officials resigned within one to one and an half years before their term ended. It is my strong belief that they have someone in mind and they tries to give that person the opportunity to get into the seat so that when the election time arrives this person can say they were already doing the job.

I can remember when the D.A. resigned some years ago and D.A. Howard Boney Jr. was appointed. Been there every since. It…

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