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Contact NC Governor Pat Mc Crory and ask him “why is he allowing Wilson County Schools and it’s attorneys including Rachel Hitch to kill Megan Cook future by NO EDUCATION at all for years now? Plea…

July 28, 2016


Governor Pat MrCrory where is your help and or concern for the poor,African American Children being denied and deprived of an education for years at at time and or died and deprived of an Free NC Public School education for any reason at all unjustly. Though the children may or may not be age appropriate to vote their parents guardians and care givers can and as some may have voted for you before rest assured that your ignoring that which concerns them and their children education needs will assure you will not get the vote from them that is to come. Its sad when you care about the well being of the NC Public Schools and your actions speak louder than your words but those that are least able to stand for them selves and fight to receive a FREE APPROPRIATE NC PUBLIC SCHOOLS EDUCATION and because of that and…

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