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Why is it legal for U.S. Dept. Of Ed. OCR not investigate the Chief Investigator ,Judy Briggs stated that she received consent form the same day she closed the case but OCR was on gov shutdown for …

July 28, 2016


Thank you please ask U.S. Dept of Ed. OCR why they are refusing to investigate Wilson County Schools years of denial and deprival of public schools education upon the parent numerous requests per the WCS attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter to Prose Rep/ Parent Dorothy Cook during NC OAH SEC Court case 13-EDC-07545. Letter titled: Re’: Contact with School System Employees and Presence on School Property ” Which is written in part as:

February 18, 2013

Dear Ms. Cook:

As you are very aware, I represent the Wilson County Schools. This letter is intended to provide you notice that you are no longer to communicate with school system employees or set foot on the campus or property of the Wilson County Schools for any purpose whatsoever.

Due to the harassing nature of your communications with school employees, and your propensity to file unfounded complaints against school system employees, you…

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