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November 16, 2016

If you’ve been moved by Daniel Blake’s plight then share the below to encourage as many people as possible to join the movement this Thursday. Screening at over 440 locations, it’s time to stand up and join the movement. #IDanielBlakeDay Book now: The new film by British filmmaker Ken Loach, I Daniel Blake won…


Lord God have mercy, In Jesus name Thank You for doing all that need be for all in such situations and circumstances all across the four corners of the earth. Thank you Lord God thank you for meeti ng all needs and giving them your favor and staying the hand of all wrongs past current and to come and providing your strength love peace and guidance. Lord God let them not be put to shame and forgive all of their sins Iniquities and heal our land as we turn from our wicked ways as well as forgive others of their sins against us so you Lord God will forgive us of our sins. Lord God thank you for all you have are and continue to do for all in this world that stand in the need of your help and is willing to receive it. In Jesus name Thank you Lord thank you thank you thank you halliluyah thank you Jesus.


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