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The Price You Must Pay For Success

January 4, 2017

Share this post and help spread the love!In the audio that I’m sharing today, Earl Nightingale, who was known as the “Dean of Personal Development” shares a miraculous formula to put you in the top 5% most successful people in the world. I know it’s a bold claim, but let s put it to test. I invite you to join me in the 30-day challenge that he outlines 21 minutes 13 seconds into the audio. If you are joining the challenge, please leave a comment below. We’ll form a mastermind group to support each other and hold each other accountable. The way he describes the process of success is very amazing. He asserts that success is not the result of making money, instead making money is the result of success. Success is in direct proportion of our service. He likens asking for money before you’re successful to sitting in front of a stove and asking for the heat before you put in fuel. List to Earl: .video-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 30px; hei


Who ever said success was free? No cross no  down, The bigger the cross the bigger the crown. How bad do you really want it? Bad enough to endure what you must to receive it or not? 


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