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A community matter: Child abuse results in human toll and economic burden to society | Deseret News

January 5, 2017


There are those who do their jobs as Social Workers and all such that go above and beyond their job requirements to help the children, families and even the communities and WE salute ,appreciate and Thank you because WE know that your work efforts are made hard and trouble some by others in your same line of work that careless about how their job performance or the lack there of effects the lives of others just as long as they get a pay check and then to a job Is hard to find and some really don’t have much of a choice per their Supervisors because to keep their job they have to do some of the grimy courtesy/favor called in and more things to child(ren) and their families because its assigned as their job to do so. Let’s not get it twisted there are some that just do it for kicks, they love to see others in hurt and pain inflicted by them. No matter WE SALUTE the Social Workers that do their job with the children and families in mind not what you can gain for your self. Just to say you are APPRECIATED and THANK YOU  for making a difference!





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