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Edgecombe Co DSS CPS Social Worker Alicia Lewis and Edgecombe Co Schools shame! D Cook fell thru the floor of bathroom u did her dirtyr

January 7, 2017

There are things that happen others standing on the outside looking in just might not know but those calmly triggering the persons disabilities making things happen they know would happen but to others it may seem the person has really snapped out but knowing all the time the person has not. They are just using their disabilities against them. As for this picture it’s of a whole in bathroom floor where Dorothy Cook stepped. down in the bathroom of apartment 1607 Hargrove St and her feet went thru the floor and she grabbed the shower curtain to try to stop her from falling but she snatched her feet out of the whole and in doing so fell back and her leg was  bent under her and when she hit the floor all her weight fell on her feet ankle lower leg and it hurt like never before. Now this was the evening before Edgecombe Co. DSS CPS SW Alicia Lewis and who ever the lady was that came with her came to 1607 Hargrove St and triggered Dorothy.Cook disabilities and now have been told that the visit may have been recorded to help Wilson County Schools allegations as the land lord, Dorothy Cook brother her 3 daughters grandson and all who were outside as the SW chose not to leave the premises when she left the inside of the home but started conversation with Alexandrea Cook Dorothy Cook daughter about how the allegation of Wilson. County Schools that in 2010 Dorothy. Cook was found mentally ill by Judge and he dismissed a petition filed against her  because of it as well as that she was denying Megan to go to school and Edgecombe Schools had a meeting for Friday the following day that zDorothy Cook would not attend for Megan. Yes this was not only lies but embarrassing as Dorothy Cook told SW Alicia Lewis this address was not in Edgecombe County Schools District but Nash Rocky Mount Schools and SW said she did care because it was still in Edgecombe Co Not Nash. She also gave Dorothy Cook documented findings from Wilson Co DSS CPS not Edgecombe DSS CPS which substantiated Wilson County Schools allegations. But WC DSS CZpS did not do any assessment 11-12//016 on Dorothy Cook and It has Dorothy Cook address as 613 Simgletary St. not correct at all and Wilson County Schools knew it as WCS Atty Rachel Hitch knew Dorothy.Cook was homeless and not in Wilson,NC at all before allegations was made. If you see the video recording know that yes Dorothy Cook let them have it with words and did tell them she was not scared any more she was not going to coward down and they could take the they would have me put in jail for the years of sheer hell they put her daughter Megan zcook for which they did and bring it because when they did she was going to all the news media that wouldn’t listen or take interest before and rest assured she did not do as WCS Official did her 2/18/13 she did not assault anyone or hold them in the residence 1607 Hargrove St. against their will to leave freely. She asks for forgiveness from her neighbors those that saw what took place outside as well as anyone that may see the recording of what took place and know that was not God but just Dorothy being sick and tired of these people’s lies and them doing dirty things trying to get dirt on her as she takes responsibility for hers as that fall hurt in ways she didn’t realize at the time but disabilities triggered or not two wrongs don’t make it right. Just because the SW was slandering Dorothy Cook name outside to others , Public didn’t mean Dorothy Cook had to go out there and defend herself she could have let God do that for her. Forgiveness asked.


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