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BUS 335 Week 7 Quiz 6

January 22, 2017

BUS 335 Week 7 Quiz 6

The issue of consistency of measurement with assessment methods is called _______.
Within the context of the selection process, the “logic of prediction” means that:

The most accurate description of the basic purpose of a selection plan is _______________.

Which of the following methods is the most valid predictor of performance?

Which of the following is necessary for the logic of prediction to work in practice for selecting employees?

Most initial assessment methods have _________ validity.

_________ refers to the possibility that a disproportionate number of protected-class members may be rejected using this predictor.

Which of the following is the law that governs the collection of background check information for employment purposes?

The most common person to be contacted in a reference check is the applicant’s ___________.

When considering the use of extracurricular activities as a job performance predictor, one should __________.

If the correctness of a response is essential for a job, then a(n) ________ test should be used.

An example of an assessment method which has relatively low reliability is _________.

One guideline for improving the effectiveness of initial interviews is to _____.

Which of the following is a criterion on which biodata items can be classified?

The strength of the relationship between a predictor and performance is called _________.

The correlation between structured interviews and cognitive ability tests is _____________.

Which of the following items is a major principle pertaining to selection under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

What are the most useful personality traits, in order, for selection contexts?

Applicants’ reactions to interviews tend to be __________.

Interest inventories are designed to improve person job match by assessing applicant preferences for different types of work. Research suggests that these inventories _____.

Situational judgment tests _______.

The UGESP requires employers to _____.

This personality trait is associated with better performance, higher job satisfaction, and lower adaptability on the job.

The type of structured interview that assesses an applicant’s ability to project what his/her behavior would be in the future is the ____________ interview.

The most widely used test of general mental ability for selection decisions is the ______.

The biggest reason why cognitive ability tests are not more widely used is ______________.

________ assessment methods are used to reduce the candidate pool to finalists for a job.

Measures which assess an individual’s capacity to function in a certain way are called _______.

The best description of UGESP is that they are ______.

This personality trait is associated with more creativity, effective leadership, and a lower commitment to one’s employer.



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