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Damion Bravo is Experienced in Teaching Students of Different Age Groups

January 22, 2017
Damion Bravo has a great deal of experience as an ESE teacher. He studied education, psychology, and business minors at the University of Central Florida, and achieved the Dean’s List. He served as a SPED Teacher at Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and was involved in teaching students of various ages and learning disabilities. Apart from this, he has also instructed wrestling and cross country team of both boys and girls for the 2008-09 season.

He commenced his professional career with Paladin Academy, LLC, and then worked at Los Ranchos, Boston Market, and Publix Supermarket for approximately 2 years. He has always loved learning new things, and this attitude helped him explore his knowledge to diverse education areas. He has experience in teaching small children and young boys and girls. Thus, he comprehensively understands what it takes to help students learn even the most difficult things. According to him, nothing is impossible, and one can achieve the hardest goals through hard work and dedication. No matter what your objectives are, just plan out the things and stick to it and you will get success soon.
Damion Bravo is a dedicated ESE teacher. He focuses on how to make things simple for the students to learn. He always ensures that students are getting what he is teaching, and encourages them to perform better and upgrade their knowledge continuously. He has comprehensive understanding of different teaching styles, which he uses to teach students of different types.
Damion is a health and fitness lover with interest in playing different sports. When free from work, he likes spending time with his family, and enjoying sports. He never misses any match of different leagues such as NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, and World Cup Soccer.
Sports are considered as the best physical activities to spend your free time. You can kill two birds with one stone i.e. have fun with friends and keep your body fit and healthy. Damion Bravo, an ESE teacher and avid sports participant, says that sports help building muscles, avoiding different diseases, and improving cardiovascular health. Sports are good for businesspersons and working professionals to relieve their day-long stress, revive energy, and increase focus towards work. So, after doing your 9-5, you can go to a local sports club, and play sports of your own choice. It is the best investment you make to your body.

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