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Fraternities and sororitie

January 22, 2017

Fraternities and sororities are mostly typical for the United States universities. These organizations have great value in students’ lives in USA and make it more interesting and unforgettable.

These organizations are also called as “Greece system” because of the names of them, which consists of the letters of Greece alphabet. PBK fraternity from William and Mary College had started this tradition in naming, which has been followed since then.

In its start, the first-years and sophomores couldn’t be the part of these fraternities. Due to the great value and popularity of the fraternities, it was the big honor to be the member of it

In the nineteenth century fraternities extended far abroad from the state. These organizations started to unite with each other, increasing the value of the membership in them. The example of this union is The Miami Triad and Jefferson duo, which had great impact on students that time.

Unlike the educational system, structure of sororities started to grow nearly at the same time as fraternities did. They were based of the model of men fraternities and even called like them at the start.

Nowadays these organizations have strictly structured system with its own types and hierarchy. Fraternities could be classified by sphere of the activity:

·         those, which created on the religious basis (Zeta Beta Tau, Alph Epsilon Pi);

·         those, which oriented on culture (Pho Psi, Sigma Iota) – could be as mono-, as poli- cultured;

There are also fraternities, where are only representatives from concrete estate.

The great value in the activity of fraternities has charity. They could create philanthropic organizations or create inner funds for helping people with physical disabilities or for supporting their indigent members.

Fraternities have its own structure with central offices and departments, which don’t have to be placed at the university territory. Almost all fraternities follow their old traditions and have settled symbols and rituals. Process of entrance into the brotherhoods is nearly sacred and is kept in secret. Concrete fraternity you could identify by its special colors, flags and symbols. But the most valuable attribute is pin of one or another fraternity. Modern collectors hunt trying to get rare or aged sample.

Fraternities often could have separate premises in campuses, where their members live and where the activity of organization is taking place. This increases the value of membership in fraternity and could help to identify its member among other students.

Fraternities and sororities help to identify the best students and due to that fact, that not all of the candidates became members of it, being the part of these organizations is a big honor nowadays too.


Are persons with disabilities that are visually seen at any time excepted and if so, how are they inducted? 


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