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More bikes, buses and trains, fewer cars: L.A. plans for the future (“closely-knit cities needed”)

January 22, 2017

To the editor: For too long, Los Angeles has myopically pursued a policy of prioritizing motoring convenience at the expense of anyone outside a car. (” An L.A. transit plan with vision ,” editorial, Aug. 11)

This approach has created unsafe conditions that lead to around 200 people — almost half of them walking or bicycling — being killed in traffic collisions every year in Los Angeles. It has punished those whose disabilities or economic circumstances prevent them from owning or driving a car.

I am pleased that Los Angeles’ new Mobility Plan seeks to lift us out of this rut through complete streets that provide safer conditions for everyone and dedicate space to the types of travel (buses, bikes) that can move large volumes of people most efficiently. Indeed, as numerous safety studies have shown, the simple act of adding a bike lane where previously people on bikes had to ride in the same lanes as cars, or shortening the distance someone on foot has to travel to cross the street, or making it harder for a driver to whip around a corner into a crosswalk, can prevent accidents and save lives.

In Los Angeles, we are starting to see the possibilities of a multimodal city. It is encouraging to see the City Council commit to taking the steps needed to ensure this progress continues.



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