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Not dead yet – Julie Ali

January 22, 2017
Reading Children’s Books
I took my Power in my Hand – / And went against the World – Emily Dickinson (Poem 660)

Friday, September 9, 2016
we don’t depend on government to change the world
and we make our way
to the end of the story
we tell ourselves
we can only do our best
that whatever we do
is better than doing nothing
that in doing this little bit
we are widening the circumference
of our souls
that we are helping somebody
and in our acts of goodwill
come the change that we understand
is necessary
to help our vulnerable children and seniors

and we make our way
to the end of the story
we look neither to the left or the right
we don’t depend on government to change the world
we understand we have to do the work of change
as families
we see the road as long
but we keep going
because if we don’t do this work
who will work for them?
we say our names and speak publicly
because privacy merely hides what is unacceptable
these problems that are unnecessary difficulties for vulnerable citizens
we believe that openness and transparency will end the lack of accountability

and we make our way
to the end of the story
we write our histories as proof
of failures in the system and the way out of hell
we are calm and dispassionate about adverse events
and deaths we say the names of the victims
we don’t wait for the government of Alberta
or for the society to change
instead we change ourselves
and work every day for the evolution
of the system that is obdurate to our requests for change
we say our names and we write down the documents
of the history of shame in Alberta
because each family documenting abuse and death
will provide irrefutable proof of the failures of government to do the work
that they are fully capable of
only media attention will result in performance and deliverables in Alberta

VIDEO: The Disability Community Responds to Me Before You movie
June 28, 2016Carrie Ann Lucas, disability activists, Disability and Representation, disability rights advocates, Me Before You, media, Our News & Commentary Blogassisted suicide, Carrie Ann Lucas, disability activists, Johnny Crescendo, Me Before You, mediaStephen Drake
There’s a brand new video created by Carrie Ann Lucas celebrating protests of the movie “Me Before You” by the disability community on three continents. Carrie is on the Board of Directors of NDY and one of the leaders of Colorado NDY. Here’s how she describes the video:
The disability community responded to the disability snuff movie, Me Before You, with protests in many countries on three continents. The movie gives audiences the message that if you’re a disabled person, you’re better off dead #LiveBoldly? We already do! #MeBeforeEuthanasia
The musical backdrop for the video is by activist/songwriter/musician/singer Johnny Crescendo, singing “Not Dead Yet,” a song he wrote years ago about our community’s opposition to assisted suicide and euthanasia. The video is captioned – and here’s info on how to access audio description:
Video described version available at at
Caution: This video includes rapidly moving images which may induce seizures or other neurological responses in sensitive individuals.
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