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SPE 226 Week 2 Inclusion In-Service Presentation

January 22, 2017

This is a CLC assignment. Yourinstructor will assign you to a CLCgroup.Each CLC member should submit to thegroup a list of concerns a teachermight have about inclusion and a listof benefits about the inclusion ofstudents with disabilities in theclassroom.Next, compare and contrast the twolists each member submitted, noting anysimilarities, differences, and themes.Some points to consider are:1. What might be the reasons for thesimilarities and differences?2. Are there any themes?3. How might teachers alleviate theirconcerns about inclusion of studentswith disabilities in the classroom?4. What are the benefits of inclusion?5. What types of training programscould be created for regular educationteachers in order to meet the learningneeds of students with disabilities?Finally, as a group, create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint presentation designedto be given at a teacher in-service,that could help alleviate teachers’concerns about including studentswith disabilities in their classrooms.Emphasize the benefits of having thesestudents in the classroom. Support yourposition with research.



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