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USA – Freedom Of Information

January 22, 2017

While the Right to Know Law makes many (if not most) government records accessible to the public, the law contains specific provisions that allow the types of records you are looking for to be withheld.


The law says the following types of records may be kept from the public:

— A record of an individual’s medical, psychiatric or psychological history or disability status, including an evaluation, consultation, prescription, diagnosis or treatment; results of tests, including drug tests; enrollment in a health care program or program designed for participation by persons with disabilities, including vocation rehabilitation, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation; or related information that would disclose individually identifiable health information.


— A record or information:
(i) identifying an individual who applies for or receives social services; or
(ii) relating to the following:
(A) the type of social services received by an individual;
(B) an individual’s application to receive social services, including a record or information related to an agency decision to grant, deny, reduce or restrict benefits, including a quasi-judicial decision of the agency and the identity of a caregiver or others who provide services to the individual; or
(C) eligibility to receive social services, including the individual’s income, assets, physical or mental health, age, disability, family circumstances or record of abuse.

There is also a very broad exemption in the law that allows almost all manner of investigative records, both criminal and non-criminal, to be withheld.


Unfortunately, the laws simply aren’t on your side when it comes to social service records like this.

Kim de Bourbon
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition


Then you make an application to the court for social service to produce the records


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