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Virtual Ability: 2013 International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference

January 22, 2017

The third annual International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference will be held Friday September 27th and Saturday September 28th 2013, in Second Life®.  The theme of this year’s conference is “Let Me In.”

A person with a disability or chronic health condition may not have access to all the facilities, resources, and communities that persons without these conditions have. A person with a mobility disability may be stymied by a flight of stairs leading to a public building, by public transportation their wheelchair won’t go into, or even by the tall threshold of a shop.

A person with a visual impairment may be unable to benefit from daily newspapers or printed textbooks. A Deaf person may not be able to communicate on the phone, or receive information on radio announcements or at public lectures. Persons with developmental or intellectual disabilities may have difficulty understanding public policies or getting appropriate health care.

Persons with all types of disabilities can be fully functioning community members, given appropriate accessibility accommodations when needed. However, despite increasing legal protections ensuring access and community participation, significant barriers to equal access for persons with disabilities still exist.

The 2013 International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference will examine different perspectives about access that are of interest to persons with disabilities. Panels of citizens from around the world will provide background as conference participants explore both policy and implementation aspects of providing full accessibility.



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