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If NRMS denied education 2003 and NC DPI allowed it as no violation then why would no education 2008-2009 be different NC DPI the same

February 24, 2017

Some asked how can a parent not know that her daughter could not be allowed to attend NRMS after she was enrolled and approved for free lunch. It was because August 26,2003 the same NRMS , Rocky Mount Senior High School had refused to allow her son to enroll and attend high school and,when complaint was filed NC DPI did not find that the student has the right to enroll and attend the NC Public School he and his patent resided in together at that time.Therefore with all else that was going on when the 2008-2009 no education issues with Megan Cook was seen as a problem but again NC DPI had not addressed it as being wrong. With their sibling continue to deal with her sexual assault at school at the,age of 6 years old around about Nov 2002 and all that was she endured and was continuing to endure. The child first as due to the sexual assault the child had to be hospitalized diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 


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