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If WCS know what measure of harm was done to Megan Cook for 1 year of no education at all why add 2 more of their own an into 3rd?

February 24, 2017

Is it not intentional infliction of emotional didtress among other harm that terms only a lawyer would know for a public schools system to know that another pu lic school system within its own district had denied an public school age qualified child her right to attend public schools but allowed her to be enrolled and approved for free lunch for previous public school year and it is documented that the child being qualified and enrolled in kindergarten when she was denied the eiright to attend was harmed and foal per her for her PEP was ” I want to ride the bus to school like the other children.”  And it is documented as Where an I now in relation to this outcome? ” Megan has not started school yet.”  5/29/2009. Her Community Support Services , QP will perform formal assessments, facilitate treatment team meetings, facilitate re-authorization, and closely monitor the implementation of the person centered plan by eequesting information from school officials, and talking with consumer and collaterals about treatment progress. The QP received no response from NRMS as it related to Megan Cook no education being provided but she was enrolled in NRMS and approved for free lunch and she,had neices in her dwelling where she watched go to school but not her. Then when WCS has done the same but worse because there was no bus directly in front of the,resident she resides incurrently when she and her family first moved in,the residence but shortly after there is a bus stop which is directly in front of the residence WCS attorney Rachel B. Hitch know the Megan Cook and resides with her parent and relatives. Knowing that by doing so they are increasing even the more harm that was done and caused Megan negative damages. As the PEP is part of Megan WCS ,EC record we ask WCS attorney Rachel Hitch per your own 2/8/13 dated letter why are you intentionally inflicting serious emotional distress in ways you know will cause more harm to Megan Cook as you know what harm was caused previously ad it is documented. 


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