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NC OAH knows there is 0 Fee for filing NC OAH Special Education Contested Hearings Petition added they didnt alow Prose filing per WCs attorney Rachel Hitch 2/18/13 dated letter

February 24, 2017

As there is a ten day notice that Wilson County Schools attorney Rachel Hitch failed to give response in to Prose Rep Dorothy Cook per the petition filed and no such response was given. This is the only response that Prose Rep Dorothy Cook has received thus far from the NC OAH as the petion was filed by electronic mail and written copy by U.S. mail which in the above letterxfrom NC OAH Deputy Clerk Maria Erwin the petition was filed on December 30,2015 but no immediate notice of the petition being excepted as filed was provided to Prose Rep Dorothy Cook nor any notice with the filing of said petition until the letter above was received 1/12/16 by U.S. mail by Prose Rep Dorothy Cook as well as the letter dated 01/07/2016 but envelope received in is stamped mailed JAN 8 2016.  As such again WCS Rachel Hitch per her own 2/18/13dated letter of sanctions and more to then also Prose Rep Dorothy Cook for different NC OAH Special Education Contested Case Hearing for the same child Megan Cook being Docket No. 13-EDC-0745 which WCS attorney Rachel Hitch was allowed to impose the very sactions without following NC OAH Court Case Hearings Procedures for Special Education Contested Hearings upon her opposing Prose Rep now NO ONE wants to address WHY it was allowed ! And the years of NO EDUCATION at all and continuing among so much more itchas and continye to cost the disabled child Megan Cook and her family. WHy? WHY?WHY?


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