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Page 1of 9 WCS attorney Rachel Hitch , NC DPI Lynn Smith, NC OAH. Courts Kim Hausen set Prose Rep Dorothy Cook up 2/18/13 and unrepairable harm continue to be done.

February 24, 2017

Wilson County Schools LawFirm Schwartz Shaw P.L.L.C. attorney Rachel B. Hich per the content of page1 of 9 of documents filed for NC OAH SEC Court Case: 13-EDC-07545 which you had the docket no. changed to 13-EDC-07547 without following NC OAH procedure as well as Venue change documented by same non proper court methods, did you Rachel Hitch make false written statements to the NC OAH Court, Kim Hausenand the NC Department of Public Instructions Dispute Consultant assigned to the court case Lynn Smith when in said document filed with the NC OAH Court Judge ELKINS you state ” On Saturday , February 16,2013,at 4:20 a.m., Ms Cook sent an e-mail to me with the subject line: ” need to change time of Megan’s IEP meeting to 10:00 please responde. sic.” The only substance to the email was an out-of-office message from Vivian Roach. Nonetheless, on Saturday, I informed Ms. Roach of Ms. Cook’s request. As it was Saturday and the meeting was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Monday, Ms. Roach was unable to confirm that the participants could hold the meeting later than scheduled. Therefore, on Monday morning, Ms. Roach was unsure whether Ms. Cook would be coming at 9:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m. This confusion delayed the start of the meeting, but, nonetheless, the meeting began at approximately 9:20a.m.”  Attorney Rachel B. Hitch why did you make these false written statements on court record documents you filed with the court yourself as the attorney for WCS. Is it not NC OAH court procedure that a motion for extension and or change in time during a NCOAH court case be filed with and or to the presiding court case assigned judge which was Judge Elkins for said case make his decision to grant and or denie the motion for extention and or change of time presented to him, under who’jurisdiction and or authority did you Rachel B. Hitch have to present any form of legal notification that you created to the court and NC DPI on your Prose Rep. Dorothy Cook opposing active court case party? Why did you do such a thing? As it relates to the mail you reference in page 1of 9 of your Feb 22,2013 document filed with the court was that email not Fwd: to you among others that include but is not limited to NC OAH, Kim Hausen and NC DPI, Lynn Smith. Sat, Feb 16,2013. 4:19 am”? Subject: Fwd: need to change time of megans iep meeting to 10:00 please responde (Out of Office)   Date: Sat, Feb16, 2013 4:19 am

Min. Dorothy R. Cook

—– Original Message—–

From: Vivian Roach

To: dorothycook1

Sent: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 5:03 am

Subject: Re: need to change time of megans iep meeting to 10:00 please responde (Out of Office) 

I am out of the office today and will respond as soon as i return back to the office. If it is an emergency, please contact Angela Brown at 252-399-7781.

01/20/11. 5:02 “

WCS attorney Rachel Hitch what does the originally dated 1/20/2011 email that was forwarded to you among others your February 21,2013 dated letter is addressed to an you state was sent to you by Prose Rep Dorothy Cook  on 2/16/13 have to do with the change in time you state Prose Rep  Dorothy Cook requested of you but she did not for 2/18/13 court case required Resolution Meeting? What does a change in time request made to WCS EC Director Vivian Roach by then Parent only of Megan Cook not Prose Rep nor an NC OAH Special Education Contested Court case filed in which the change in time was granted by WCS EC Director Vivian Roach January of 2011 be made per you Ra hel Hitch an request for change of time of 2/18/13 NC OAH Court case required Resolution Meeting that per certain of your court case document(s) was changed to IEP meeting and under who’s and what authority was such things done and allowed. As 2011 January and 2013 February is over 2 years in time. If Prose Rep Dorothy Cook would have died during the WCS acts of violence during the 2/18/13 NC OAH SEC Court Case required Resolution Meeting what would you WCS attorney Rachel Hitch have stated occured to her as you also knew of her disabilities and or health conditions prior to the intentional unrepairable harm and damages was done to her by WCS 2/18/13 during said court case procedure, to the extent she could not go forwarx with the court case and it was allowed to be withdrawn without prejudice? But God kept and continue to keep her. You served death with a false statement but though suffered, suffering God said life and and Prose Rep Dorothy Cook did not die during your court procedure set up and she didnot do unto WCS Reps as they did unto her that day because we all know she would have been arrested on the spot but she was kidnapped instead by WCS EC Director Vivian Roach 2/18/13 during NC OAH SEC court case procedure required Resolution Meeting among other acts of violence. Why is a crime not a crime when committed by NC Public Schools ?





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