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This is why Megan and Destiny Cook and all others if any denied and deprived of NC Public School Education BC the NC Public Schools Sue’s to make its own rules

February 24, 2017

The North Carolina State Board of Education hired former Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr because the Attornal General Office , which usually represents it in legal action, is representing the commission. NC State Board of Education will sue itself to make sure they get what they want. All this money for lawyers what about money for the teachers children students and the education purpose. NC State Board of Education Sue to have Dorothy Cook 12/16/13 NC OAH Rule Making Request to be made to be established as well as Sue the NC Public Schools ,Wilson County Schools and its LawFirm Schwartz Shaw P.L.L.C. LawFirm located in Raleigh,NC attorney Ràçhel Hitçh and her 2/18/13 dated letter of reprisal to Prose Rep Parent Dorothy Cook during NC OAH SEC case 13-EDC-07545. Which the content of said letter violates not only Dorothy Cook’s but the Constitutional Rights of her NC Public School Age Children and you the same NC State Board of Education respond it’s not your problem. We guess the only Constitutional Rights you care about not being violated is your own” NC State Board of Education. What does that make you per you not us?


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