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WCS, C Floyd was even the more mad bc during court case it was found the gave inaccurate records to create Truanc. 

February 25, 2017

This one of the reasons Cynthia Floyd sent  her 10/3/11 email stating judge found Dorothy Cook Not Guilty because of what the judge termed as mental illness knowing it did not occur because God provided and Dorothy Cook proved that WCS used inaccurate attendance record to file Truancy charge against her and then tried to repair it before it could be discovered what they had done. 


 Cynthia Floyd, Director of Student Services, George Pully, School Guidance Councelor, JoAnn Phillips School SW, Karen Morton School SW, Vivian Roach E C Director, F. T Franks Principal of WCSNot one of them was disciplined but in retaliation labeled Dorothy Cook falsely not even pet them but per the presiding case judge what they alleged but never occurred being Dorothy Cook being found not guilty per what the judge termed as mental illness why is it OK for WCS to lie, cheat, and malisciously slander any parent name including Dorothy Cook?


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