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WCS Board/Atty Rachel Hitch why did you not let M.Cook attend school per judge findings per your 2/18/13 letter

March 21, 2017

In around December 2016 Edgecombe County DSS Child Support filed a motion for Samuel Pittman for decrease in his child support payment which included because his daughter M.Cook was receiving no education at all for about 6 months at that time. As D. Cook filed a cross motion which requested an increase in child support payment i instead. This was heard around January 2014 in the Edgecombe County Department of Social Services Rocky Mount ,NC Office. Motion to increase child support was granted as well as the WCS 2/18/13 dated letter and the requests for enrollment and attendance instructions per said letter to WCS Board Atty Rachel Hitch as well as other evidence was presented and/ or made known to the presiding court case judge. As Samuel Pittman did appear in open court and did object to the increase in his child support obligation, in that; 

a.he only works an average of 32 hours per week.

b. the child Destiny R. Cook is 18 years old, and is being home schooled.

c. the minor child Megan D. Cook has not attended a public school in the last six months, is not being home schooled by her mother, or anyone else.


7. Testimony from plaintiff confirmed Defendant’s allegations in regards to the minor children’s school attendance, however the Court found that all applicable guidelines were followed.”. 


There is more but a simple question is asked. Who is accountable for the years of no education per NC Public Schools, Wilson County Public Schools Board.choice per their 2/18/13 dated letter since judge in 2014 found it was not the mother, Dorothy Cook by finding that she had followed all the applicable guidelines for M.D. Cook to attend the NC Public Schools in her local LEA with the 2/18/13 dated letter and several request for enrollment/ attendance instructions per the same said letter among other testimony of evidence also provided? 


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