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 CPS Exposed by former Foster Care Provider! The money per child is more than they let be known 

April 21, 2017

There is dirt in CPS work!  but to who’s benefit and what is the dirt covering up! Help us expose the DIRT in CPS and all its connections. We know all are not dirty but those that are is EXPOSING the DIRT time! With CHILD(REN) returned to families with all compensation provided. Those in CPS disciplined criminally and civilly and any other way deemed necessary. Maybe they should be sentence to live in cruelties of the cruelest foster care conditions to serve their criminal charge sentence as their jail or prison instead of their luxuries as adult social workers, Directors of DSS and all that partake even in dual employment abusing authority of powers for their own or connections gain with all involved connections exposed from White House to the out house, especially in the Court Systems.


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